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Is one tool of the Radical Kingdom of God, to encourage and strengthen citizens of The Kingdom to obey all the king's commands and draw others into His kingdom. 

Radical from Latin; meaning root, foundation.

Kingdom of God = as exists in the world today -  a kingdom without physical boundaries, where Christ is king, whose subjects are naturalized from every kingdom of earth, living as alien ambassadors to those who remain citizens of the kingdoms of the world.  Citizens of this kingdom are called disciples because they are constantly learning from their king, endeavoring to obey all His commands and make more disciples, i.e. bring more into Christ's kingdom, and teaching them to obey all that King Jesus has commanded.  Each citizen-disciple of Christ's Kingdom is a warrior in an army which sheds no blood, recieving full armor, support, and direct orders from the Commander in Chief Himself, to defeat spiritual powers of darkness which control all nations and people in the kingdoms of the world.  A citizen of the Kingdom of God is distinquishable by a lifestyle of love, that is compatable of having put on the attitude of humility which was in Christ Jesus, and walking in His steps.



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2 new books by Steve Philipps: 

Positive Confession: Counterfeit Christianity


Workers Unashamed Phase II

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The Kingdom that turned the World Upside Down

If you or someone you are discipling does not understand or is confused concerning the present day reality of the Kingdom of God, this book is for you.  David Bercot takes the reader back to the often forgotten and neglected teachings of Jesus on His kingdom, and discribes the radically new laws of the Kingdom and its upside down values.

This book 280 page book from Scroll Publishing is at the top of our recommended list.  It retails for $9.95, but we want you to have a copy, so have discounted the price to $7.45.

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  Letter to my children concerning                                           
 From A Christian Perspective;  

by Carl Mease                                     

This 45 page booklet (5.5x8.5 stapled) is a result of a parent's discipling his teenage sons, and the resulting prayer guided research into the New Testament position on non-resistance.  Due to requests from other teens, the letter was put into booklet form.  Because the content also addresses civil disobedience, patriotism, just war, and terrorism; the booklet form of the letter took on the God and Country title.  There are much longer works presenting this biblical position, yet this book is unique, in that while being brief, the New Testament position is sufficiently presented.  Whether a traditionalist, orthodox, liberal, evangelical, fundamentalist, or skeptic, you will find this work to be challenging, insightful, and maybe even life changing.  This book can be read and printed from free read page, and hard copies are free to military personnel.

The second printing of this book is now available at

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The Gospel in Genesis

Polyventure Publications has re-published the classic book compiled in 1918 by Eleanor Herr Boyd. This great discipleship material is now  introduced to the twenty-first century, to increase our understanding of how God revealed the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the beginning of time.   

Some readers undoubtedly already know of this excellent resource, of which used copies of the 1918 publication are still available online and in used book stores.  After her children were raised, Mrs. Boyd compiled the thoughts of a variety of 19th century writers who had rightly divided the scriptures. 

169 pp.  The book retails for $9.95.   Bulk rates available on request to polypubs@hctc.com.

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 for giving to your Muslim friends/neighbors or use for teaching, 
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This twenty page pocket sized booklet is written in story/dialogue form, which holds the reader's interest, while addressing the very issues and questions which Muslims use to dissuade their fellow Muslims from inquiring and searching the Gospel message.  The answers given are a great study to prepare the Gospel Worker for witnessing to Muslims.  
We have simply named this great find, Muslim Tract, as it does not have a name as we received it.  The text is written in English.  The English quotes from the Quran are taken from the official translation by Royal Decree, printed at King Fahd in Medina.  The graphics are traditional Arabic.   

In God We Don't Trust by David Bercott  -  A look at the Founding of America in the Light of Jesus' Teachings

This book is a compelling narrative of the founding of America - told from a perspective of the Kingdom of God.  The product of nine years of research, In God We Don't Turust challenges much of what most of us learned in school about the founding of America and the American Revolution.  Bercott's well-documented findings will surprise many, and at the same time, will stengthen the convictions of Christians who take seriously the teaching of Jesus.

You can purchase this book at polypubs bookstore.

The Golden Rule

THE GOLDEN RULE, the Unappreciated Key to Your Life

This 22 page booklet by Peter V. Gregerson reminds us of how these eleven words of Jesus, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you", are the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets.  To obey this rule, a man must become a new man with a new center to his life.  The Golden Rule is God's gift to us, expressing a Father's deepest wish for His children, opening the way to sweet peace in our lives.  It is a rule of life that will work for people for anyone anywhere.

Living according to this rule of life would prevent gossip, envy, road rage, child abuse, and neglect of the elderly.  It would tear down the walls of racial and religious hate.  It would stop lawsuits, divorce, stealing, lying, unjust profits, anger, murder, and yes even wars.  Those eleven words will transform your life if you put them in practice.

While supplies last Polyventure Publications will mail you a copy of this booklet at no cost to you, simply by request at polypubs@hctc.com, for your free book.

A change of Allegiance

This 224 pp book represents the the struggles of more and more in the U.S. Armed Forces who have come under Holy Spirit conviction concerning Jesus' words "love your enemies", and the nagging questions about Christians in the military and obligation to defend their country.  Dean and Tania Taylor were husband and wife while active in the Army and had to come to grips with these and other questions.  Dean has written of their seeking the scripture as well as the writings of Christians of the first few hundred years of Christianity, and written the answers they found from the historical and biblical teaching of war and peace.  He writes of the persecution and struggles of a "no compromise" believer in the military, and how they obtained conscientious objector status and discharge. 

Because this book is such a spiritual challenge to members of the Armed Forces and to those thinking of enlisting, that while supplies last, Polyventure Publications will mail a free copy of this timely book to them if they simply request by e-mailing polypubs@hctc.com.

I Couldn't Fight And Other CO Stories

This book tells the story of young brethren who took their stand for Biblical nonresistance from 1917 - 1960.  Written in narrative form, these accounts bring to light attitudes of society toward the conscientious objector, and the opposition that often surfaces in time of war.  The Biblical convictions of these young men would not alow them to accept miliitary service in any form.  Nonresistant families also faced pressures to purchase war bonds or salute the flag.  The progressionof this book brings out the gradual considerations and adjustments provided by the government of the CO.

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Are We Like Christ?

The title describes this well documented and challenging 381 page book, written by an active missionary in West Africa.  Although the challenge is to face the Truth, Holiness and Love of the Lord Jesus personally, the historical documentation is suitable for educational purposes at home, homeschool and private school.  The book begins with the contribution of the Greeks and Romans while outlining the condition of Israel, when the fulness of time had come.  Then following the apostles, the Roman persecution and causes, with great synopses of early Christian lives.  The book continues on through the falling away from truth, the remnant, the reformation and beyond.  The historical data is presented without bias, followed by thought provoking questions which challenge the reader's own position.  All this in easy format and reading to ultimately get the reader to face the Truth, Holiness & Love of the Lord Jesus Christ Personally.  This book is a must read and reference for the believer who is interested in how the history of the Christian Era has shaped modern thought and interpretation, leaving the reader with the question, ARE WE LIKE CHRIST?

This book is offered FREE,  at no cost to you.  To order, simply write us at polypubs@hctc.com.


Workers Unashamed Phase I

Workers Unashamed, a three part study primarily written for discipling new Believers from conversion to spiritual maturity, is a great resource for the Christian worker.  Phase I is now in print, Phase II and III can be read/printed free by clicking here, As the Lord supplies Phase II and III will also be available in printed form.                                                 

Read free by clicking here, or Order your free hard copy by contacting us for this free 139 page book.

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"Feed My Sheep" by George Warnock. 

As the title suggests, this book is an appeal especially to those who are called of God to minister to the"sheep of His pasture".  But we would encourage the sheep to read it also, for they need to know the things that are written here.  The book establishes that there is no difference between a sheep and a shepherd, as far as their character is concerned.  For God's true shepherds are sheep before they became shepherds; and they continue to be sheep AFTER they become shepherds.  Once we recognize this principle, the barriers that have been erected to segregate the sheep from the shepherds are torn down, and the sheep and the shepherds alike find themselves in one common fold of the Chief Shepherd.  For the difference between them is simply one of "calling" in the body of Christ.  In character and in nature the sheep and the shepherd are identical.

This 129 page book can be read online at http://www.georgewarnock.com/feed-main.html
A hard copy will be sent to you FREE for the asking.  Simply e-mail or write us at Polyventure Publications.

We are presently out of stock, but this book is available online at the above site, and hard copies of this and other books by George Warnock are available at no charge by writing to:
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P.O. Box 652
Cranbrook, BC V1C 4J2

Evening and Morning

Evening and Morning by George H. Warnock
Although the title may imply a daily devotional book, this 62 page booklet is an encouragement to believers who feel the sun is setting on a once glorious, radiant, and triumphant church.  The author encourages us that God's order was established in the book of beginnings that there should be first "evening" and then "morning".  The darker the hour of human frustration and peril, the brighter the light of hope that radiates from the hearts of those who are children of the light.  There were different viewpoints of the pillar of fire in Moses day, the Egyptians saw darkness and impending judgment while the people of God saw the light enlightening and cheering them on to face the future and prospect of a glorious inheritance.  Even though such a prospect may be intermingled with perplexities and questions concerning the ways to enter into this glorious future and inheritance, this book helps us keep our viewpoint and perspective on the right side of God's pillar.
This book is offered free of charge, simply by requesting from polyventure publications.

"The secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to you," Jesus told his followers and a few fishermen, a tax collector, and a motley crowd of Jerusalem "believers" set out to change the world. They succeeded-as did the Anabaptists preaching in cities by night, on back streets, and in the wood corners of sixteenth century Europe. But does anyone remember that secret today? Is it reading the Bible? No, these people were far more than dry biblicists. Is it a return to the apostles' way? No, they were far more than keepers of tradition. The secret of the Kingdom of God is stunningly simple. With two words Jesus revealed it to his friends who-upon comprehending it-came to a sudden knowledge of the will of God, of the whole Bible, and of the right way to live. Reading this book you may find and comprehend it too.

Read this complete 290 page book free from our freeread e-books page.

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Although many books have been written about preaching and teaching, most of them are addressed to seminary trained pastors, and not aimed at the churches that don't use professionallyschooled ministers.  The Holy Spirit can use ordinary Christian men today to preach and teach, just as He did back in the first century.  Plain Speaking is packed with practical information and is written in an easty-to read, conversational style to  take the reader through all of the steps of developing and delivering effective sermons and devotional messages.

This book can be purchased at the discounted price of $7.45 (plus 1.99 shipping) by clicking to polypubs bookstore.

152 pages, paperback, by David Bercot

Intimacy with God

  • Clement of Alexandria was one of the outstanding teachers of the second century church.  Intimacy with God is a collection of Clement's godly insights on what it really means to know God.  Clement discusses prayer,the proper use of wealth, the life of holiness, separation from the world, marriage, love, women of wisdom, and the secret of tapping into God's power.  Take the time to sit at the feet of a teacher of the primitive church.
Price: $7.49 at polypubs bookstore.

The Myth of a Christian Nation

Mr. Boyd hits head on the American evangelical fusion of the kingdom of God with a preferred version of the kingdom of the world.  He explains how this is idolatry and is having serious negative consequences for Christ's church and the advancement of God's kingdom.  The purpose of the book is to cast a broad vision of the kingdom of God and show its stark contrast to the kingdom of the world.  This book by pastor Gregory Boyd caused 20% of his congregation to leave his church, but those who remained know he only teaches the truth of God's Word.

207pp.  hard cover    $9.95   Click to polypubs bookstore to purchase.

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Will The Real Heretics Please Stand Up

A new look at Today's Evangelical Churhc in the Light of Early Christianity by David Bercot
The author takes you on an engrossing journey back to the end of the first century.  Here is an inspiring account of what Christians believed and practiced at the close of the age of the apostles - and how the church eventually lost the Christianity of the time.  But this is not primarily a history book, it is a fresh, creative look at the problems facing the church today - and the solution to those problems.  It is a call for today's church to return to the simple holiness, unfailing love, and patient cross-bearing of the early Christians.
180 page paperback      $8.95   
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do Followers of Jesus fight?

This 58 page stapled book clearly answers tough questions directly from the simple light of Scripture teaching. If you want these simple answers concerning Jesus' teachings about war, self-defense, how He dealt with military men, what He taught about obedience to government, and the relevance of the Sermon on the Mount for today.    $2.50  Contact directly at polypubs.com or via PayPal.

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This is a book about martyrs for Christ throughout Russian history.  Reading about these "underground" believers will assure you that if you are a typical Western Christian you will never face persecution.  Reading the accounts in this book will both convict and inspire the believer today.
247 pp.  $5.99 

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The Pilgrim Road

A great book of devotions, quotes and teachings from those saints of the early centuries of the church.  This book records the rich legacy of vibrant writings that provide keen insight on how to walk down the pilgrim road the narrow way that Jesus spoke of.  This is a unique handbook that collects together the best insights, reflections, and practical counsel of the early Christians.
179 pp.  $8.95

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We don't speak great things - WE LIVE THEM

This 158 page book contains two second-century Christian works; Mark Felix's Octavious and Justin Martyr's First Apology.  They describe the dynamic,living church of the second centruy and discuss what Christians of that age believed.  This great study has been published in today's English for us by Scroll Publishing.

Price: $6.75 in polypubs bookstore.

Let Me Die in Ireland

Practically everyone in the western world has heard of the man known today as St. Patrick. Yet, hardly anyone knows anything about the real man. About the only two things that most people "know" about Patrick is that he was Irish and that he was Roman Catholic. In truth, however, he was neither one.

Let Me Die in Ireland cuts through all of the myths about Patrick and presents a dramatized biography of the authentic Christian missionary, Patrick. The story of the real man is far more exciting and inspiring than any of the myths about him. Patrick was one of the greatest missionaries of all time and a true man of prayer and integrity. A narrative you won't soon forget. 192 pp. paper

Order from our polypubs bookstore for only $7.95.

Coals of Fire

This stimulating book contains 17 true stories about Christians who returned love for hate and good for evil. It takes courage to live by Jesus’ teachings of loving our enemies and returning good for evil. Sometimes the results are dramatic—and a former enemy becomes a friend. At other times, Christians who respond with love are killed by their enemies. Very powerful and moving. Suitable for both teens and adults.
127pp,  paperback.

Only $6.45 at polypubs bookstore.

The Greatest Christian Stories Ever Written

Many of these stories were written by some of the most celebrated authors of all time,such as Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, and Johanna Spyri.

  By "Christian stories," we mean that each story has a powerful Christian message based on Jesus' teachings. Three of the stories are from Jesus Himself. Others were written by devout believers like Henry Van Dyke and Johanna Spyri. Yet, one of the authors, Mark Twain, was not a Christian himself. Leo Tolstoy radically embraced the teachings of Jesus, but struggled most of his life with orthodox Christian doctrines. Yet, the stories included  from both Twain and Tolstoy reveal profound insights into the teachings of Christ.

157 pp. paperback.

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Is it Scriptural for a Woman to Speak in the Church?

The first line in C. Knapp's booklet  of 1934 is, "The reader will notice at the outset that the question of our paper is not, Is it right, or Is it expedient, or Is it reasonable, that a woman should speak in the Church? but, Is it Scriptural"? 

This 32 page booklet has been reprinted so our generation can also relook at the scriptural position on this issue.  The majority in today's world may not agree with Mr. Knapp's conclusion, but as he wrote, the important issue is what scripture says.  Mr. Knapp simply studies scripture for what it clearly states and rebuffs arguments to the contrary.

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