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Is one tool of the Radical Kingdom of God, to encourage and strengthen citizens of The Kingdom to obey all the king's commands and draw others into His kingdom. 

Radical from Latin; meaning root, foundation.

Kingdom of God = as exists in the world today -  a kingdom without physical boundaries, where Christ is king, whose subjects are naturalized from every kingdom of earth, living as alien ambassadors to those who remain citizens of the kingdoms of the world.  Citizens of this kingdom are called disciples because they are constantly learning from their king, endeavoring to obey all His commands and make more disciples, i.e. bring more into Christ's kingdom, and teaching them to obey all that King Jesus has commanded.  Each citizen-disciple of Christ's Kingdom is a warrior in an army which sheds no blood, recieving full armor, support, and direct orders from the Commander in Chief Himself, to defeat spiritual powers of darkness which control all nations and people in the kingdoms of the world.  A citizen of the Kingdom of God is distinquishable by a lifestyle of love, that is compatable of having put on the attitude of humility which was in Christ Jesus, and walking in His steps.


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