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GOD AND COUNTRY from a Christian perspective


This 45 page booklet (5.5x8.5 stapled) is a result of a parent's discipling his teenage sons, and the resulting prayer guided research into the New Testament position on non-resisitance.  Due to requests from other teens, the letter was put into booklet form.  Because the content also addresses civil disobedience, patriotism, just war, and terrorism; the booklet form of the letter took on the God and Country title.  There are much longer works presenting this biblical position, yet this book is unique, in that while being brief, the New Testament position is sufficiently presented.  Whether a traditionalist, orthodox, liberal, evangelical, fundamentalist, or skeptic, you will find this work to be challenging, insightful, and maybe even life changing.

We send this book free of charge to military personnel.  Simply request via e-mail polypubs@hctc.com .

This booklet can read/printed free from our Free-read e-books page.

This book is free to military addresses and to those anticipating military service.  Request a free copy by writing to polypubs@hctc.com .

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