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Reflections: from the writings of Jeremiah Small


"For Jeremiah Small, an American teacher killed in Iraq, six years became long enough to build a legacy." So began an article by Mindy Belz in World Magazine just a few weeks after he was killed by an 11th grade student. Jeremiah Small was a tireless pursuer and purveyor of Truth. Whether in the classroom, hanging from a cliff, or sending an email, everything he did and said was designed to make people think deeply about life. "Ideas have consequences," he would often remind his students. At just 33 years of age his life was cut short, but his influence will be felt for generations as those who knew him or who discover him through his writings find their souls shaped by the ideas that made him who he was. During his years of service in the Kurdish region, Jeremiah maintained regular communication with family, friends, and supporters through weekly emails. They became an informal journal of his exploits and encounters and provided insights into his spiritual odyssey. In many of those letters he would include a psalm or hymn upon which he had been reflecting and conclude with relevant commentary and/or prayers of his own. REFLECTIONS is a compilation of some of those meditations. Through these excerpts you will hear the heartbeat of his soul hungering for and responding to the God for Whom he lived and died.

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