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David Bercott

Author of many books on discipleship, the Kingdom of God, and a long list of audio tapes/cd's entitled What the early church believed about...

David Bercott has spent his life studying the works of the ante-Nicene church fathers, to extract just exactly what they believed, and why.  His books deal directly with discipleship and living out the Kingdom of God.  All his books and tapes etc. are available through Scroll Publishing.


Steve Phillips

Missionary to West Africa with strong discipleship emphasis.  He has written many short works (which will soon be on our Free-read E-book page), as well as a complete 150 lesson discipleship course, The Discipleship Experience, which is used extensively in his work in Africa.  The course can be completed in as little as a year on a full time study basis.  The Discipleship Experience can be read/printed from our Free-read page.  Steve's latest and longest work is his 381 page book  Are We Like Chirstis also available on our Free-read site.  In the meantime plans are for this excellent book to be printed in West Africa in soon.  More about this book, and how to obtain a copy, is found on our BOOKS page, or read/printed free on our Free-read page.  For more information on Steve Phillips, his family and the mission God has called them to; click here.


Carl Mease

Author of the booklet Letter to my children concerning, GOD AND COUNTRY, from a Christian perspective.  Click here to read this 45 page booklet on our Free-read E-book page, or order a copy from our BOOKS page.  The following About the Author is found on the inside back cover of the booklet:

In thiry years of marriage, Carl Mease and his wife Lynette have and are raising and home schooling their seven children.  Carl was raised in a small Iowa town in which his father was the only protestant minister.  At eighteen he joined the U.S. Marines for four years, during which time he spent thirteen months in Viet Nam.  It was during his Viet Nam stint that he began coming to grips with the evil realities of war, and struggled with Christian teaching vs. practices.  Later, through the witness of Friends in Wichita, Ks., he came to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ.  He is a graduate of Friends University in Wichita, Ks., has a graduate degree from Kansas University in Lawrence, Ks., and has worked the past twenty years in the social work profession.  His life has been one of Christian mission; over the years having been full-time with Youth For Christ, Youth With a Mission, and independently in Central America and Saudi Arabia.  The past twenty years he and Lynette have concentrated on discipling their children and ministering in their local church congregation in Washington State.  This booklet is part of Carl's discipling his own children, which he prays will also encourage the reader "to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called" (Ephesians 4:1).


Alvin L. Carpenter

A.L. Carpenter, BA; Mdiv; PhD, author of From Missionary to Mercenary, has been a pastor and evangelist for many years and has witnessed firsthand the growing militancy in our mainline Churches. Why do Churches advocate the Christians participation in war and violence? How do we turn the Church back to its roots of pacifism? These are the subjects of his book that will challenge you to take a “second look” at the direction your Church may be headed.  Because of its historical significance we've placed this book on our Christian History page.  He gives simple and yet sound evidence that the "just war theory" is one of the few remnants of catholocism which has yet to be addressed by those seeking "sola scriptura" of the reformation. 

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Historian of the persecuted church, particularly those groups which most in today's world have never even heard.  Three of his books, The Russians' Secret, Behold the Lamb, and The Secret of the Strength, can be read free online and The Russians' Secret can be purchased.  Click here to our Freeread page.

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