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Likely the most banned book in all history is the Bible, which for centuries was banned by the religious powerful to protect the masses from interpreting it on their own.  Great saints of God have had their writings banned and burned throughout history, and even today books are banned in public and religious settings. 

The Skokomish Community Church, in rural Mason County, Washington near Shelton is no exception.  Our publication God and Country, from a Christian Perspective continues to be banned in the Skokomish Valley Church, the very church in which the author was an active member, board member, Sunday School teacher, and occasionally filled the pulpit over a fourteen year period of time.  In March, 2004, all five deacon board members signed and sent a letter to the author, stating that the booklet was not to be distributed, and the contents were not to be discussed on church property or at church functions, as it was causing dissention.  As the author did not believe the booklet to be unscriptural or violating any points of the church bylaws, he answered the letter via letter, asking the signees if the contents of the book were not scriptural or violated the church constitution.  At their next meeting the deacon board voted not to respond to the author's letter.  A few months later a newly elected board member brought one of the signees to meet with the author and the issues were discussed, but the questions were not answered.  To this date the four remaining signees have not attempted to discuss the contents of the booklet which they banned. 

                                       The author originally wrote the 45 page booklet in his efforts to disciple his own children.  He presented the rough draft to the pastor of Skokomish Community Church at the time, and the first printed copies were given to the Deacon board members, who did not provide input or comment.  Within the following nine months copies of the booklet were casually given to members, and during this time the pastor resigned.  When the author gave anyone a booklet he asked for comments, but there were absolutely no comments on the book from church members to the author during this time.  At a church potluck in February of 2005, a church member was advising a young man of the advantages of military enlistment, to which the author admonished both to search the New Testament for the scriptural backing of such a profession.  It was soon after that the deacon board members wrote the letter banning the booklet.

As no explanation is given by those who banned the book, it can only be concluded the book is banned because it directly attacks the Roman Catholic tradition of  'Just War', and undermines the basic unwritten tenents of the American Civil Religion.  The book was subsequently published by Polyventure Publications because of the content, which is a basic call for Christians to walk in Jesus' steps, in a manner worthy of their calling, by putting on the attitude which was in Christ Jesus. 

Would your church ban this book?                                                                                                         

 If so, could they give a scriptural reason?                                         

What is your opinion?

This banned book can be read free, or a hard copy ordered and shipped free by clicking here, or simply requesting by e-mailing polypubs@hctc.com.