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Billy-got yer gun? explains a part of my life experience and testimony.
Carl Mease

     One of my sons ran across this YouTube song 'Billy-got yer gun?' by Dave Mendoza and shared it with me, not realizing it would take me back to 1966-67 when I was a Marine in Vietnam.  The lyrics express the thoughts that ran through my mind in those days, and I suspect through the minds of most who grew up in a Christian home and went off to war.  It was the reality of seeing war that made me question how my church and family could teach about a Jesus who commanded us to love our enemies and do good to those who persecute us, and then imply it was serving Him to go half way around the world and kill people. These questions in my mind were the beginning of spiritual journey and leading of the Holy Spirit, which finally led to my repenting of my sins, calling upon the Lord Jesus Christ and surrendering my life to Him in 1970.  At the end of this YouTube clip there is a presentation of God's plan of salvation and an invitation to accept.  I wonder if I had seen something like this back in 1966, I would have accepted the Lord sooner. 
     The video begins with a warning of the very graphic images of mutilated bodies and recommends a viewing age of 18+.  I recommend that any young person who is thinking of military service should watch the slide show.  Also, any Christian who holds to the "just war tradition", or believes a Christian should join the military, should definitely watch the slide show.  Of course photos are not the same as being there, with sounds, smells, death, screaming, crying, and destruction, but at least they give a semblance of the reality of war.  
After listening to the lyrics and watching the slide show, I would be interested in any comments about how a Christian in war is putting on the mind of Christ and walking in the steps of Jesus.

Click on or copy and paste the YouTube link, and enjoy.