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Dean Taylor and his wife Tania were both in the U.S. Army when they realized that, as committed Christians, they had to come to grips with questions like; What should a Christian do with Jesus' words "love your enemies"?, Is it all right for a Christian to go to war?, Doesn't a Christian have an obligation to defend his country?.  In a new and sincere quest for truth, they were determined to follow Jesus Christ under the banner "no compromise."  As they began to search the Scriptures they found the answers were clear, and as they studied church history, they came to the startling discovery that the Christian Church originally was uniformly opposed to Christians going to war or joining the military. 
Fortunately, Dean has written about their search, challenges and discoveries in his recent book, A Change of Allegiance.  This book is a great encouragement for those in the military and those who may be thinking of military service, as they tell of how the Lord lead them to be discharged as conscientious objectors.  The book may be purchased through Amazon on our recommended books page, or directly from Scroll Publishing.  Polyventure Publications is so convinced of the discipleship use of this book in today's America, we are offering a copy free of this 224pp book to those who request by e-mail to polypubs@hctc.com, as supplies last.  For the full Dean Taylor story don't hesitate to request your free copy of A Change of Allegiance.