Polyventure Publications

   The primary mission of Polyventure Publications has been to distribute discipleship materials at no charge worldwide.  The ministry has been able to bless others by sending discipleship materials, bibles and even equipment to those in need as the need is presented.  The costs are offset through the sale of books on this site and Amazon.com, but expenses exceed these resources.  

     Books are sent overseas via US Postal service flat rate envelopes which cost $16.95. Several books can be enclosed at this price. Books sent are listings from this website and a variety of used books and commentaries purchased at thrift stores.                       

     At this time our special project is collecting money to purchase bibles (see our Bibles for the Nations page).  If not designated any donation will go to the general fund which pays for books and postage sent to developing nations, at no cost to them.

Another ongoing project is giving away "God and Country from a Christian perspective" and "Do followers of Jesus fight?" at a coffee shop at the entrance of Fort Lewis, Washington.  Copies of each book are displayed with other free material each month, which soldiers take at no charge.  Copies of "A Change of Allegience" have also been given out at this site and will be again with funding.  These three books are also sent at no charge to military personnel worldwide.

2010 was our first year with a booth at the Mason County Fair (Wa) with information on Christian Consciencious Objection.  This booth elicited conversations on discipleship and obedience to our Lord's commands.  With additonal funding and staff this ministry may be expanded to other fairs.

You can donate via Paypal by clicking on the 'Make A Donation' button, or you can simply send check or money order to Polyventure Publications, 3500 State Route 106, Union, WA. 98592.