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Feed My Sheep

"Feed My Sheep" by George Warnock. 

As the title suggests, this book is an appeal especially to those who are called of God to minister to the"sheep of His pasture".  But we would encourage the sheep to read it also, for they need to know the things that are written here.  The book establishes that there is no difference between a sheep and a shepherd, as far as their character is concerned.  For God's true shepherds are sheep before they became shepherds; and they continue to be sheep AFTER they become shepherds.  Once we recognize this principle, the barriers that have been erected to segregate the sheep from the shepherds are torn down, and the sheep and the shepherds alike find themselves in one common fold of the Chief Shepherd.  For the difference between them is simply one of "calling" in the body of Christ.  In character and in nature the sheep and the shepherd are identical.

This 129 page book can be read online at http://www.georgewarnock.com/feed-main.html
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This 247 p. book by Peter Hoover is about martyrs for Christ throughout Russian history.  Reading about these "underground" believers will assure you that if you are a typical Western Christian you will never face persecution.  Reading the accounts in this book will both convict and inspire the believer today.  Read this book free at Paul Breneman's website; http://www.allgodsword.com/.  This book has great additional information and inspiration for those who have read The Martyrs Mirror and Foxes Book of Martyrs.

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This twenty page booklet is written in story/dialogue form, which holds the reader's interest, while addressing the very issues and questions which Muslims use to disuade their fellow Muslims from inquiring and searching the Gospel message.  The answers given are a great study to prepare the Gospel Worker for witnessing to Muslims.

We have simply named this great find, Muslim Tract, as it does not have a name as we recieved it.  The text is written in English.  The English quotes from the Quran are taken from the official translation by Royal Decree, printed at King Fahd in Medina.  The graphics are traditional Arabic.   Note:  watch the page numbers as you read, as they are set up as the book is printed.



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Open letter to my children concerning GOD AND COUNTRY from a Christian Persepective by Carl Mease

This 45 page booklet (5.5x8.5 stapled) is a result of a parent's discipling his teenage sons, and the resulting prayer guided research into the New Testament position on non-resistance.  Due to requests from other teens, the letter was put into booklet form.  Because the content also addresses civil diobedience, patriotism, just war, and terrorism; the booklet form of the letter took on the God and Country title.  There are much longer works presenting this biblical position, yet this book is unique, in that while being brief, the New Testament position is sufficiently presented.  Whether a traditionalist, orthodox, liberal, evangelical, fundamentalist, or skeptic, you will find this work to be challenging, insightful, and maybe even life changing. 

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The Secret of the Strength
What Would the Anabaptists Tell This Generation?
  by Peter Hoover

"The secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to you," Jesus told his followers-and a few fishermen, a tax collector, and a motley crowd of Jerusalem "believers" set out to change the world. They succeeded-as did the Anabaptists preaching in cities by night, on back streets, and in the wood corners of sixteenth century Europe. But does anyone remember that secret today? Is it reading the Bible? No, these people were far more than dry biblicists. Is it a return to the apostles' way? No, they were far more than keepers of tradition. The secret of the Kingdom of God is stunningly simple. With two words Jesus revealed it to his friends who-upon comprehending it-came to a sudden knowledge of the will of God, of the whole Bible, and of the right way to live. Reading this book you may find and comprehend it too.

This book is now in print and may be purchased from polypubs bookstore page, but the entire book can be read free on the allgodsword website by clicking the title above.


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The Discipleship Experience

The Discipleship Experience

by Steve Phillips

Complete course available to read free by clicking The Discipleship Experience.

A complete discipleship course which has been used in both the U.S. and extensively throughout W. Africa.  From Genesis through Revelation

the sessions are presented sequentially and progressively, being patterned after that of the order of the Scriptures.  Full-time, as directed, this course can be completed in a year's time.  Excellent for use in home, bible schools, and primarily to be used individually by those who are discipling others.

Bound copies are only available in W. Africa at this time, but hard copies can be printed off the above, or contact us at polypubs@hctc.com.Click to our Authors page for more information about Steve Phillips, or directly to W. Africa Mission for information about the ongoing work.


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Behold the Lamb!
The Story of the Moravian Church
by Peter Hoover

If you have heard of Moravians-persecuted Christians that fled to Germany in the early 1700s-you most likely know of their prayer meeting that lasted one hundred years, their missions to Greenland, to the native Americans, to Suriname, the Virgin Islands, or India's Malabar Coast. But quite likely you heard less, or nothing, of the story behind those wonders of faith and perseverance. Through everything the Moravians accomplished around the world shines an infinitely greater wonder-that of the Lamb of God for sinners slain. Perhaps, through reading this book, you may catch glimpses of that "greater wonder" and find yourself inspired to live and do like they did in our time.

This book has not yet been printed, and is only available online by clicking the title above.

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Facing the Truth, Holiness & Love of the Lord Jesus Christ Personally & Historically

by Steve Phillips

 To read ARE WE LIKE CHRIST click here.

The title describes this well documented and challenging 381 page book, written by an active missionary in West Africa.  Although the challenge is to face the Truth, Holiness and Love of the Lord Jesus personally, the historical documentation is suitable for educational purposes at home, homeschool and private school.  The book begins with the contribution of the Greeks and Romans while outlining the condition of Israel, when the fulness of time had come.  Then following the apostles, the Roman persecution and causes, with great synopses of early Christian lives.  The book continues on through the falling away from truth, the remnant, the reformation and beyond.  The historical data is presented without bias, followed by thought provoking questions which challenge the reader's own position.  All this in easy format and reading to ultimately get the reader to face the Truth, Holiness & Love of the Lord Jesus Christ Personally.  This book is a must read and reference for the believer who is interested in how the history of the Christian Era has shaped modern thought and interpretation, leaving the reader with the question, ARE WE LIKE CHRIST?.

A paperback edition of this book has been printed in W. Africa, and will  be printed in the United States as the Lord provides the resources.  In the meantime a loose leaf "sample" copy edition is available, suitable for placement in a small three ring binder.  The three ring binder format is actually an excellent format for a book meant for study and research. 

The author has a firm conviction that his books are not for sale, quoting Matthew 10:8:  "Freely you have received, freely give."  If you desire a copy(ies), simply e-mail us at polypubs@hctc.com

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OUT OF THE DEPTHS of the Mystery of Suffering

by Steve Phillips

To read,  Out of the Depths click here.

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Preach the Word  by Steve Phillips

To read click PREACH THE WORD.

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The Believer at WorkOvercoming Laziness, Dishonesty, & Greed

by Steve Phillips

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