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Mike Thames is now discharged from the U.S. Army.  Read the Metro Spirit article "Would Jesus go to war" below, which outlines his spiritual journey to walk in Jesus' steps.  May Mike's testimony be an encouragement to others in the military seeking conscientious objector status that they are not alone, there is actually a present day 'cloud of witnesses' who have and are going through the same confusion and ordeal.  May Mike's story direct those who are not in the military to consider a closer walk with our Lord.

click here for coplete article: Would Jesus go to war?


"As is plainly apparent with regards to the recent set of circumstances affecting the operations of our local government, we are in desperate need of prayer." -- Mayor Deke Copenhaver

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Issue #18.48 :: 06/26/2007 - 07/02/2007
How one Fort Gordon soldier’s Christian faith overwhelmed his conscience and led him away from the military life
This is the story of how one man, until recently an Army analyst stationed at Fort Gordon, left the military through the soul-searching process
Master plan for park on Clarks Hill Lake calls for lodge, cabins, new trails, more campsites and relocating the beach to prevent erosion

Epic adventure through Middle Earth begins in North Augusta and ends with the ring that lords over all

Augusta has many ethnic food choices. Next is Patrick’s BBQ & Grill, which is slowly introducing Philippine foods to their country foods menu.

Wes Borland likes to play with creativity. Back when he was in Limp Bizkit, he used stage paint to accent his notes. These days, it’s more lyrical.

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