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Ricky Clousing, was a YWAM missionary in Thailand when the September 11th attacks motivated him to join the army and fight evil for the cause of freedom.  He became an army interrogator at Abu Graib prison in Iraq, was confronted by Holy Spirit conviction as to a Christian's role and purpose in the military.  The reality of what it involves to return evil for evil, brought to mind the Lord's teaching and that His followers are involved in spiritual warfare while non-believers are fighting in the physical realm.  This lead him to great inner conflict and turmoil to the point that he went AWOL to search for the Truth of God's Word.  Whether or not all was fully clear to him when he went AWOL in June of 2005,  it is clear now that Ricky professes to be in The Kingdom of Heaven.  It is because of his love for the Lord that his conscience forbids him to be a part of taking of human lifeIt was while he was AWOL he happened across the Polyventure Publications booklet, God and Country from a Christian Perspective.  The book's author was able to counsel and encourage him in his frustration that the words of Jesus were not accepted amongst his Christian friends, who somehow explained away the Lord's teaching of loving our enemies, and critisized him for wanting to put on the attitude of Christ and follow in His steps.  At the Seattle Veterans for Peace Conference on August 11, 2006 Ricky made his public statement and subsequently turned himself in, to face whatever consequences.  He spent time in the brigg for going AWOL and was ultimately discharged.  Ricky received a warm welcome from about 30 exuberant well-wishers at Seattle's SeaTac Airport on December 23rd, 2006.  He stepped into the baggage claim area to shouts of "welcome home", and signs designating him an American Hero.  The hoped for reception on January 6th did not take place as Ricky decided to spend time in reflection and gathering of strength and direction from the Holy Spirit.  His story may be read on numerous websites, and you may even see the video of  his statement at the August 11 event at: www.truthout.org/multimedia.htm.
Click here for NY Times article which references Ricky's born again faith.

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