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This past July 4th weekend in Hoodsport, Wa., I experienced the most unique and somewhat controversial Uncle Sam.  Amidst loud music, revelry and a party spirit, this Uncle Sam was bound in chains and preaching the gospel message as he shuffled through the crowds.  Like so many others, I asked the simple question:

Uncle Sam - why the chains?

(Uncle Sam)These chains are symbolic of how our nation is bound by sin.  We call good evil and evil good, we do what is right in our own eyes, as a people we have rejected the only True God, and his plan for salvation.

Poly (polyventure):  So how is this bondage?

SAM:  In John 8:34 Jesus said, whoever sins is a slave to sin.  The Bible reminds us that we've all sinned, and the wages of sin is death; but our Lord declares that whoever He sets free is free indeed.  The gospel message is a message of hope in a dark and hopeless world.  From this message of spiritual liberty we can be set free.

Poly:  Earlier I heard you preaching about false gods in America.  What do you  mean false gods?

SAM:  A false god is what/who ever we serve that is not the true and living God, who has given us salvation through Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some examples are religion, politics, nationalism, and even our selves.

Poly:  At one point you sounded like a hell-fire and brimstone preacher when you proclaimed the wrath of God.

SAM:  It is simply the negative reality.  When I say 'Today is the day of salvation' and 'Jesus Saves' - I'm obligated to explian what a person is saved from.  We are saved from the wrath of God which comes upon the children of disobedience. This wrath is upon us because we have loved darkness rather than the Light.  Although the wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus our Lord.

Poly:  So, where have you appeared before?

SAM:  I've made my appearances since 1996 throughout W. Washington State on July 4th, politcal events and rallies of both major parties.

Poly:  What is the response?

SAM:  Very mixed.

Poly:  How about negatives?

SAM:  I've had people scream and yell at me - I've had concerned "Christians" tell me the approach is wrong.  Yesterday the head of this event told me I was unwelcome and he would call the Sheriff if I continued.  A couple years ago the security of Ivar's on Seattle waterfront told me they would have me arrested if I 'trespassed' on the public sidewalk in front of their store.

Poly:  So did you get arrested?

SAM:  In both cases, I told them I was not there to push a First Amendment Rights issue.  I was there to preach repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ, and debating the issue with them or law enforcement was wasting the Lord's time.  In Seattle I didn't need the measly 20 or 30 feet in front of Ivar's as I had the entire waterfront.  In Hoodsport yeseterday I had already preached to the meager Saturday crowd and so I left.  I came back today and amidst the large crowds and mass confusion - no one has asked me to leave.

Poly:  If you are asked to leave tonight, will you?

SAM:  I will only discuss this with a law enforcement officer, but as you notice, all my activity is on the State Right of Way - public domain.  I share this domain tonight with obvious law breakers with open alcohol containers, jay walking across the State Highway, illegal fireworks ignition, etc.  Furthermore, I cannot imagine any officer considering my activety illegal, and besides why would the fair organizers want the horrible press of arresting a peaceful Uncle Sam on the 4th of July?

Poly:  So you are not making a political statement?

SAM:  Absolutely correct.  This is a call to repentance for all people.  God is not political.  Because I may look like I have a political agenda - people often ask.  Tonight I had an unusual experience when a young lady came running up to me screaming that her husband is in Iraq, etc.  I sympathized with her and informed her that the chains represent the sins which keep us in bondage, and have nothing to do with politics. She left a little less hysterical.
For the most part I am speaking out so most can hear.  Those out of earshot or when I'm  talking individuallly, are the ones who come and ask.  They are usually disappointed when they hear the message.

Poly:  What is the most responsive group?

SAM:  By far - youth.  The under 25 crowd ask questions and show interest in spiritual things.  Above that age is either 'Praise God', snide/vulgar remarks, or get out of my space expressions.  By in large the youth I talk with have absolutely no knowledge of biblical stories, principles, or who the Lord Jesus really is.  And some of theese are from "Christian" homes.  On the otherhand, there is great hope when youth respond to the gospel.

Poly:  May I take one of your pamphets and display it on Polyventure Publications website?

SAM:  Yes you may, it outlines what I've said, with references to the Word of God.

Poly:  By the way, what is your name?

SAM:  Tonight I am only Uncle Sam.

Poly:  Thank you Uncle Sam, and may God Bless you in this unique evangelistic outreach.

A copy of Uncle Sam in Chains pamphlet may be viewed and printed by clicking here for the outside, and here for the inside of this bifold pamphlet printed on 8.5 x 11 paper.
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